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Issue n.112 Ali Antiche is the magazine published by the GAVS for members only, entirely dedicated to the preservation and restoration of historic aircraft Italians. The pages of Ali Antiche offer behind the scenes coverage of major discoveries, constant updates on GAVS projects, news from museums - even the smaller ones off the beaten track. Read the previews of the next issue Read more

Ali Antiche Historic Archive in CD and DVD

Registro Civile Italiano

The database of aircraft that operated in Italy with civil registration. Searches in the database or report missing registrations. Continue

A hunchback with gladi returns

A hunchback with gladi returns The following images are coming from Greece where (the locality is in the area where the plane diched 57 years ago), a fantastic Savoia Marchetti S.79 bis of Gruppo Buscaglia decided to let us know of its existence.  


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GAVS - Gruppo Amici Velivoli Storici - Italian aircrafts 1910-1918

Important work of Marco Gueli. Picks up the history of all the Italian aircraft of the period 1919-1945 still exist today in the world.


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